Hello Privacy!

Computer 16. Mai 2021

Disclaimer: I work for Cisco but do not get any money for promoting their products here. Only my regular salary.

It all started already a few years ago. I don't know exactly when, but I got interested more and more into open source software.

During the years I got my own server and moved more and more accounts from the big companies to my own server.

How this happened, what I used and am using now and what is still work in progress I want to write down here.

Already switched
Goole RSS Reader   Nextcloud News
Dropbox/iCloud/Google Drive Nextcloud
Google Search Searx/Ecosia
Google Mail Own mailserver/Protonmail
Google Authenticator Cisco Duo
Google Maps   Openstreetmaps
Google Contacts   Nextcloud Contacts
Google Calendar Nextcloud Calendar
Google Tasks   Nextcloud Tasks
Google Docs OnlyOffice
Google Translate deepl

Work in Progress
WhatsApp -> Signal/Threema
Twitter -> Mastodon
Google Chrome -> Firefox
Flickr -> Lychee


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